One year ago, we launched the HW Intel email newsletter service with a clear goal: aggregate market vertical-specific news coverage spanning the lending, servicing, investing and real estate markets.

It was an admittedly ambitious goal, but one we felt was in our reader's best interests. Today, however, I'm announcing that we're retiring the Intel email newsletter service, effective Wednesday, Nov 27.

While many of you embraced the Intel product since its launch, we've also heard from many of you that you preferred our previous twice-per-day HW Update newsletters instead.

The reason? HousingWire was the very first news outlet in the industry to pioneer a twice-daily news update because we recognized that the pace of news was increasing, making waiting until tomorrow morning to get today's news wasn't an option. (We replaced our Afternoon Edition of the HW Update newsletter with our Intel newsletter service in Dec 2012).

Evolving in step with the mortgage market

Starting Monday, as you return to the office from what I hope was a restful Thanksgiving, we'll begin publishing an Afternoon Edition of the HW Daily Update -- just as we used to do.

  • If you are already signed up to receive the HW Daily Update email newsletter: you'll automatically begin receiving the Afternoon Update as an industry courtesy. Daily Update subscribers will automatically receive both morning and afternoon editions of the Update.
  • New registrants signing up for email alerts: you can opt for which email newsletter you want to receive, Morning, Afternoon or both, along with opting in to breaking news alerts. (Sign up for emails here.)

While part of the reason for our evolution is the feedback we've received from our readers, it's equally important to realize how the market has truly evolved, even during this past year.

Our editors found it increasingly difficult to isolate relevant news specific to just one industry vertical -- which should only make sense. HW was founded on the belief that the different sectors of the mortgage market would converge, and our experience with "the Intel experiment" clearly demonstrated that this belief is increasingly becoming a reality.

We also found it difficult to consistently find news coverage that wasn't already part of our own news coverage universe here at HousingWire (the Intel service was designed to aggregate coverage running elsewhere).

Given these realities, we're excited to get back to what we have always done best: get the story first, and get the story best.

In our newsroom, we measure editorial success by something editorial leadership calls "news nowhere else," meaning our ability to deliver the stories you simply can't read at other industry journals (or will be reading about days after we first cover it).

Going forward, we'll be doing more of this than ever before -- because it's needed now more than ever before. The mortgage industry is facing a ton of pressure heading into 2014, and at HW, we're recommitting our news outlet to providing you with the unbiased and direct coverage on the issues that move the industry forward.

We hope you're ready. We've got some incredible coverage lined up for each business morning and afternoon starting next week, and I know our team of top writers and editors is ready to go.