[Update: According to financial media outlets, this event is now cancelled.]

JP Morgan Chase has a great idea. And to be fair, JPM, you asked for it.

Here's the story:

The too-big-to-fail decided it would open its door to public questions on Twitter.

Vice Chairman Jimmy Lee is scheduled to host a live Q&A on his career experiences November 14 at 1pm ET.

People could tweet questions ahead of time using #AskJPM. 

Haters, it is clear, have started early.

Those who have followed firms of this size and nature likely welcomed the transparency. However, the planned vox populi is making the whole thing go in all the wrong directions for JPM, so far.

Furthermore, what surprises me most, is so many journalists are taking potshots at the bank.

It's a free for all!

However, there are many legitimate questions being answered, so I hope JPM continues with the viral strategy.

So far, the consensus on this: "disaster."

But it's really entertaining to follow nonetheless. Hopefully JPM will continue with the Q&A and see this thing through to the end. Here are just a few of the better Tweets, and check the feed often; the hashtag shot out more than 400 tweets while I was writing this blog.: