Today, we have something very exciting going on at HousingWire – and I wanted to take a minute to share the news with each of you. In fact, this may be one of our biggest announcements, ever.

As many of you know, in the five or so years since we first began publishing our own brand of news, we’ve become the industry’s most-read and most-influential news source.

Our news and information has helped business executives stay informed – and that’s why we say that better, more informed business decisions are made after reading HousingWire.

We’re now taking that commitment to informing our readers to the next level, as HousingWire will begin offering its readers access to a wide range of data products. Our goal is to offer the data products that can directly drive better, more informed business decisions – much the same way our news already does.

This morning, as part of this new initiative, we announced our first data partnership with

This unique media and data partnership means HousingWire will be able to offer comprehensive banking industry data directly to our readership. Read the press release here.

This is huge news. I can’t underscore that enough.

Later this year, thanks to our partnership with BankDATAWORKS, you’ll be able to subscribe to data services covering every FDIC-insured bank and thrift in the U.S., as well as accessing decision maker names and contact information for each bank.

Whether you’re a distressed debt investor wanting to see who is holding the bad mortgages, or a servicing industry vendor wanting to know who is seeing growth in their servicing portfolio, or a lender services company that is interested in which banks are growing their originations – or pretty much anyone else connected to the mortgage market – this is invaluable data covering thousands of banks, updated each and every quarter.

And here's the hitch: we’re just getting started.

We’re going to be announcing additional exclusive data partners in the weeks and months ahead as we get ready to offer a full range of data subscription services to the industry heading into 2014.

We think it’s a great way to further our commitment to you, the reader: you read HousingWire every day to stay informed.

Now, we’re going to give you direct access to the critical data that moves markets – data that can help you make solid, informed business decisions.

Independent news & analysis meets with directly relevant data. Imagine that. It’s a powerful combination, and one I think is unique to the DNA of this media platform.

I’m excited to see what our readers do with these new tools as they become available over the next few months! Stay tuned…