A scheduled eminent domain debate between Realtor Jeff Wright and Stephen Gluckstern, chairman of Mortgage Resolution Partners, never happened.

And after viewing the video, where Wright gives an "informational talk" in lieu of debate after Gluckstern bows out, it's probably a good idea MRP bailed.

Wright, who grew up in Richmond, Calif., where MRP wants to use eminent domain to seize mortgages, proves to be a remarkably passionate and incredibly knowledged public speaker. He goes through many of the pros and cons and basically breaks down eminent domain.

At around 13:50, Wright lobs the first salvo: "We're here for an information forum and we want to make this fact based… we don’t want to come in here with a lot of hype and emotionalism," Wright argues. And don't miss around the 19-minute marked where he slams the press for making Richmond look "raggedy and rundown," in what Wright feels is ignorant coverage of the issue.

Your response, Mr. Gluckstern?

The event was meant to be moderated by Daniel Borenstein, editorial writer of the Contra Costa Times. The city will decide today whether or not to move forward.

On a side note to MRP, it's probably not a vote of confidence in your product if you bail on discussions a day before the city votes. On the other hand, judging by Wright's knowledge and passion, Gluckstern probably wouldn't have stood a chance.