Think the servicing industry is consistent and stable? Think again. While many high-touch specialty servicers are positioning themselves to offer what the biggies can’t – namely solid borrower outreach and improved loan performance – the servicing industry is still rebuilding itself mid-flight, and all the ongoing ambiguity about what's going to happen next lingers in the background.

Just read between the lines.

Specialty servicer Statebridge Cosigned a deal with FrontRange Capital Partners, securing enough of an investment from the firm to restructure Statebridge, breaking it away from the financial influence of Integrated Asset Services (IAS).

The deal gives Statebridge a strong enough balance sheet to qualify for Fannie Mae andFreddie Mac servicing and provides enough financial leverage to upgrade its operating platform, personnel and technology.

Could this mean Statebridge sees smaller players continuing to become the preferred choice for mortgage servicing? If so, they would not be alone. A new customer service survey in regards to servicing firms suggests that mega servicers in the space are still having trouble when it comes to dealing with the changing servicing environment.

And while the biggies look to sell off servicing, Fay Servicing is another smaller, high-touch servicer in the space that is expanding – and even training originators to become servicers.

The Chicago-based special servicer announced a hiring spree this year, attributing it to growth in 2012.

The takeaway is servicing will still be here in a few years, but specialty servicers seem the most optimistic as clunky regulations make the borrower outreach process much more complicated and risk-prone for those without the time or focus to lean in.