Geoff Zimpfer

Geoff Zimpfer is a former national sales trainer with Tony Robbins and has been in the mortgage industry since 2003. As a successful mortgage originator, he consistently closed 120 loans per year. He's a national sales trainer and coach with Movement Mortgage, founder of the Mortgage Marketing Institute and host of the highly rated podcast Mortgage Marketing Radio


  • [Pulse] What I learned interviewing over 100 of America's top loan originators

    The habits, attitudes and daily rituals that drive the country's top-performing LOs toward success
    It's been said, "success leaves clues." If we want to achieve a goal, there are others who've likely already achieved what we want and we can learn from them. In 2016, I began a journey to deconstruct the habits, routines and daily rituals of the country’s top performing mortgage loan originators. I discovered consistent attributes common among many of them, leading me to create this roadmap for success as a mortgage originator.
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