Articles by Anthony Casa

ARIVE boasts strong network of 100-plus wholesalers aiming to bolster broker market share

With over 13,000+ originators pre-registered, tremendous partnership opportunities exist for lenders and brokers, alike
The good news is that mortgage brokers continue to outpace their retail counterparts in business growth, a trend that has lasted the better part of two years now, especially as the market has been so heavily dominated by purchases.
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BRAWL founder thanks brokers, lenders that made movement a hit

Anthony Casa began the BRAWL movement to implement change in whole-tail lending
BRAWL has given mortgage brokers a real voice in the industry – one that can’t be ignored. The movement sparked meaningful change that has helped mortgage brokers grow their business. It started professional dialogue between brokers and wholesale lenders that, in many cases, has led to mutually beneficial solutions and working partnerships that are stronger than they were previously.
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