Articles by Jessica Guerin

Most home sellers will wait this long before dropping their listing price

Other survey insights underscore frustration with the home buying process
You’ve listed your home for sale, and no one is taking the bait. One month passes, then two. How long do you wait before you increase the odds of an offer by dropping the price? According to a recent survey from blockchain-based real estate platform ShelterZoom, most American home sellers will opt to reduce their asking price after this many months of zero offers.
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Harvard: Americans have more equity, less mortgage debt

Equity levels double in last 7 years
Americans now have nearly as much home equity as they did when levels peaked before the housing crisis, according to a recent study on the state of the nation’s housing market from Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. The report shows aggregate home equity climbed from $7 trillion in 2011 to $15.5 trillion in 2018.
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More than 8 million borrowers can now benefit from refinancing their mortgage

Refi pool jumps by 1.5 million as rates fall
Last week, Freddie Mac’s fixed mortgage rate fell to its lowest level in three years, bumping the pool of refinance candidates up significantly. At the end of June, approximately 8.2 million homeowners with mortgages could benefit from a refi, according to the latest data from Black Knight – a high not seen in more than two years.
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This is what the typical first-time homebuyer looks like

Harvard study paints picture of the average buyer
There were 3.1 million first-time homebuyers in 2016 and early 2017, according to a recent study on the state of the nation's housing market by Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. While a review of these buyers shows that they vary widely in age, we've taken the most common characteristics to create a profile of the average first-time homebuyer. Here's what they look like.
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ARMCO hires new senior director of business development

Industry veteran Mike Ehring joins the team
ACES Risk Management, or ARMCO, has hired Mike Ehring as its new senior director of business development. As such, Ehring will focus on growing revenue through new client acquisition, working with several verticals, including mortgage lenders, banks, credit unions and fintech companies.
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Live Well Financial forced into involuntary bankruptcy

Judge grants creditors' petition to push lender into Chapter 7 liquidation
Live Well Financial has officially entered bankruptcy protection, as a Delaware judge granted a petition Monday that forces the defunct lender into Chapter 7 involuntary bankruptcy. Court documents also reveal that Ginnie Mae has begun taking steps to terminate and extinguish Live Well’s interests in various MBS pools.
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Apartment demand spikes to 5-year high

Lack of affordable homes has locked an increasing number out of the market
Demand for apartments hit a high not seen in five years as a shortage of affordable homes has locked an increasing number of Americans out of the market. According to recent data from RealPage, the national occupancy rate rose to 95.8% from 95.4% last year.
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