Articles by Alcynna Lloyd

Borrowers in these cities save the most by shopping around for mortgages

Golden State reigns supreme in savings, especially in San Francisco
In a recent analysis, LendingTree utilized its Mortgage Rate Competition Index to reveal the difference in rates and potential savings for mortgage shoppers in the 50 largest housing markets across the country. According to the company’s findings, the average homebuyer can save as much as $31,000 over the lifetime of a loan by shopping around for a mortgage.
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Americans still favor owning over renting, but for how long?

67% of American homeowners believe owning is easier than renting
In a recent analysis, LendingTree surveyed 2,095 American homeowners aged 22 and older about their perceptions of owning a property versus renting. According to the study, homeownership duration is a tremendous indication of whether or not a person is likely to return to the rental market.
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Homebridge appoints Jimmy Yerman as its new Mid-Atlantic regional manager

Yerman has nearly 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry
In order to grow its presence in the Mid-Atlantic region, Homebridge recently announced Jimmy Yerman joined the company as a regional manager. Homebridge Divisional Vice President Brian Poling said Yerman's experience on both the sales and operations side will not only help Homebridge recruit top talent, but also ensure associates thrive under a great mentor.
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Zillow: Housing slowdown likely to pass as second wave of Millennials enter housing market

3.11 million first-time buyers are projected to enter the market by 2028
A recent Zillow analysis claims an extra 3.11 million people at prime first-time home-buying age are projected to enter the housing market by 2028. While it’s not certain if each of these people will purchase a home, Zillow claims the sheer heft of their numbers will impact the market.
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Redfin: Americans are on the move, here's where they're headed

The number of Americans migrating across housing markets reaches a record high
In the beginning of 2019, the number of Americans expressing interest in relocating to a new housing market rose to 25%, according to Redfin’s Migration Report. Notably, Redfin’s report revealed Phoenix was named this quarter’s top migration destination.
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ARMCO appoints Kyle Kehoe as its new chief revenue officer

Kehoe has 20 years of experience as an executive and revenue leader
ARMCO, a provider of enterprise financial risk mitigation solutions, recently announced Kyle Kehoe joined the company as its chief revenue officer. ARMCO President Phil McCall said he believes the company drafted a high-impact player in Kehoe, one who has delivered results across two decades and through some tough industry cycles.
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LendingTree: These are the best markets for the nation's middle-class homeowners

Americans earning a median income can afford a median-priced home in most metros
A recent analysis published by Moody’s Investors Services indicates the era of unusually affordable housing has ended, meaning America’s housing affordability has returned to average historical levels. Although this means homes are no longer cheap on a national basis, LendingTree’s latest affordability report suggests the market is still relatively affordable for most Americans.
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OpenClose welcomes mortgage software veteran to team

Buenz previously served as a strategic account executive at Ellie Mae
OpenClose, a digital mortgage fintech provider, recently announced Tom Buenz joined the company as its new vice president of enterprise sales. OpenClose CRO Vince Furey said Buenz's extensive knowledge of mortgage technology makes him an excellent fit to present the unique value proposition behind the company's digital mortgage software solutions.
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The U.S. unemployment rate just fell to a 50-year low

The nation's unemployment rate retreats to 3.6% in April
April, the U.S. economy added 263,000 jobs, rising significantly from March’s 196,000, according to the latest Employment Situation Summary report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Mortgage Bankers Association Senior Vice President and Chief Economist Mike Fratantoni said with hiring so strong, the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since 1969.
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America’s teachers can’t afford housing and this is why

Teachers struggle to afford most homes in the nation's largest housing markets
The latest Employment Situation Summary report revealed the average American income has grown 3.2% over the year, rising four cents to $27.70 in April. Despite this financial boost, new data from Trulia indicates as home price acceleration outpaces wage growth, the nation’s teachers, first responders and restaurant workers struggle to afford to live in the communities they serve.
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