James Dawkins

James Dawkins

James Carter Dawkins is an underwriter with Cardinal Financial Company, LP. He specializes as a project standards expert for condominiums, attached PUDs, and co-ops. James has a comprehensive knowledge of mortgage operations, compliance, and technology. His interests include mortgage history, underwriting, operations, secondary market (capital) investing, and technology. He has developed a personal passion for the industry and continues to develop his knowledge and share what he has learned with other professionals! He lives in Charlotte, N.C. with his wife, Elizabeth. They have two children, Carter and Cate.


  • Mortgage applicants may not always be intentionally fraudulent

    Lenders should arm themselves to know the difference
    [Op-ed] Information is shared rapidly but information is only information. It does not mean it is accurate information. Investigation is usually warranted. Communication is key. Speak to colleagues, managers, borrowers, title, and ask questions about anything that doesn't make sense. 
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  • Trend spotting: Appraisers take issue with Fannie Mae's Collateral Underwriter

    Still several mortgage lender benefits to using this tool
    [Op-ed] Is it fair to have 10 different appraiser's reports on a property and then for the lender to use that knowledge against an individual appraiser and question their ability to provide an accurate report? Appraisers seem to think it is unfair or perhaps altogether irrelevant. As an underwriter, here's one trend I'm seeing.
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  • Closing condos under litigation: Fannie Mae now gives lenders a way out

    Loan Officers: Lend with confidence!
    Fannie Mae finally updated their litigation requirements on condominium projects! The guidelines now allow the lender more flexibility to determine, with confidence, whether litigation is minor or major, what is considered minor, and provide a way for lenders to warrant the project despite the litigation. Here's how.
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  • The struggle in locking condominiums in the mortgage industry

    When you have an investment residence condo, it's important to pay close attention before locking the loan
    Your loan application has been processed and the loan is ready for clear to close but then an underwriter points out that everything is clear except the condominium project. There is a high delinquency rate, specifically, 26% of the total unit owners in the project are 60 days or more late paying their HOA dues! What do you do next?
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