Jason Frazier

Jason Frazier

Jason Frazier has more than 18 years of expertise in technology startups and venture capital, having previously held senior-level technology positions at various companies. He has been blessed to work for and alongside the most talented innovators, disrupters, and visionaries of Silicon Valley, affectionately known as “The PayPal Mafia”. He joined Mason-McDuffie Mortgage in 2009, with the goal of building a new mortgage experience from the ground up. He was promoted to CIO in 2015 and was named as the company’s chief strategy officer in 2017.


  • Dear Lenders: Social media is all or nothing

    Brand building takes time
    Investing in a social media strategy is an all or nothing play if you are in real estate or lending. It is especially important if you are in this business for legacy because brand building takes time. Either you are going to take the time to brand yourself correctly, or you are just wasting your time and, by extension, money.
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  • Don’t be a headline reader

    Read the whole story
    [Op-ed] We're all short on time but don't let that deter you from reading the whole story. Headlines are great for short attention spans and cliff notes, but not for understanding the importance of the details. You are going to have to take the time to dive deeper into subjects if you want to grow your business and hit that next level.
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  • Loan Officers: Are you a commodity or are you a brand?

    Here's the difference
    As those historical demographic boundaries fall, it gives you a tremendous opportunity to build a brand "for all time zones." Now is the time look at your marketing and how you are connecting to your database. Do an honest assessment and then ask yourself. Are you a commodity or a brand?
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  • Loan Officers: Teach your Realtor partners how to fish

    On Facebook, that is
    [Op-ed] What I always tell my MLOs, is teach your Realtors how to fish. What do I mean by that? Simply stated, is that instead of giving them that "one-off lead," teach them a strategy or tactic that will get them multiple leads per year. In this case, learn how to do Facebook Lead Ads for Real Estate.
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