Jason Frazier

Jason Frazier

Jason Frazier is the founder of The Agent Marketer and Director of Business Development & Strategy for Shred Media. He is an award-winning marketer and national speaker with more than 20 years of expertise in marketing, social media, technology startups and venture capital, holding various C-level positions in the mortgage industry. Frazier, who is an advisor to Blend and a marketing contributor to Breakthrough Broker and eXp Realty, is the host of the Agent Marketer Podcast and co-founder of the Industry Syndicate Media Network.


  • [Pulse] Here's how real estate agents and mortgage LOs can generate business through social selling

    A blueprint for making this marketing strategy work for you
    Social selling is one of those buzzwords that everyone seems to be talking about these days, but few truly understand what it is. When it comes down to it, social selling is about building relationships. Here is a list of core elements you must master to learn the art of social selling, and a blueprint to using this technique to build your business.
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  • [Pulse] Housing industry reacts to Gary Vaynerchuck's homeownership slam

    Ryan Serhant, Casey Crawford, Mat Ishbia, Kristy Fercho and Anthony Casa weigh in on the controversy
    Recently, I wrote an article about a video of Gary Vaynerchuk slamming homeownership during an appearance on the Cannonball Mindset podcast. His comments sent ripples through the housing industry as professionals working in the real estate and mortgage worlds weighed in on a topic that directly effects their bottom line. I reached out to some of the best in the business to get their opinion on homeownership. Is Vaynerchuk right, or does homeownership represent not only the American Dream, but the American Opportunity? Here’s what they had to say.
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  • [Pulse] Gary Vaynerchuk says homeownership is BS, but I don't care

    It may have gone viral, but pay no attention to the high-profile entrepreneur's remarks
    Industry interweb locales were on fire this past week when Gary Vaynerchuk – a sought-after motivational speaker, best-selling author and respected tech entrepreneur – slammed homeownership in a podcast interview that went viral. "I do not think the American dream should be buying a home anymore… It's a bad use of upfront capital, and it ties you up and it’s just not smart," he said. Are you enraged yet? If so, you're not alone.
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  • [Pulse] Not your average 2019 marketing and business tips

    Industry pros offer their hot takes for success in the year ahead
    In the spirit of the New Year, I have sought input from some of the best in the business of mortgage lending and real estate to present you with real insights for finding success in 2019 and beyond. Here, you'll find the foundation for your playbook. Now, it is up to you to put it in play.
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  • Loan Officers: Your social proof is capital you can't afford to lose

    What is social proof and why you should care
    [Commentary] Have you heard of social proof? If not, I don't blame you. It is a term that wasn't all that common 18 months ago but is now becoming a popular buzzword, with good reason. Social Proof is paramount if you want to grow your business in the internet economy and connect with the modern consumer.
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  • Real talk: The mortgage industry is changing, and some of you won't make it

    "The times they are a changin'"
    When I speak to agents and loan officers on disruption, tech, marketing, etc., my core message is always the same. It is time for you to stop being romantic about the way things used to be. We are never going back. It is time for you to embrace the tremendous opportunity in front of you to reimagine your business for today's consumer. I stress that you don't want to be on the "wrong side" of disruption.
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  • Creating social media content in real estate, mortgage: Focus on the details

    Here are some great examples of what NOT to do
    Sometimes it can be difficult to make your mortgage or real estate social media content stand out. With so many options for consumers, it is important that you are doing everything to put your best foot forward in your marketing. Here are some examples of lack of detail in social media content posting that have easy fixes.
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  • Responding to negative borrower reviews 

    Rules for responding
    Doing business in the Social Media Era means you're bound to get some negative reviews. The mortgage transaction can be stressful, frustrating, and delayed at times which does not make for a great experience. And with the rise of social media everyone now has a massive bullhorn at their disposal to tell everyone about it. This is why it is important to have a plan in place to respond to negative reviews. Here's how to respond...
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