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  • President Trump signs Dodd-Frank rollback into law

    President Donald Trump signed a major Dodd-Frank rollback into law Thursday, hoping to bring regulatory relief to community banks across the U.S. The president explained Dodd-Frank’s costly regulations gave large banks a negative advantage at the cost of small banks throughout the country. Click the headline to read more.

Karen Hoskins

Karen Hoskins

As NeighborWorks America vice president of national homeownership programs and lending, Hoskins leads a team that designs and implements strategies that strengthen the effectiveness and impact of homeownership programs offered by NeighborWorks network organizations. Hoskins has over 25 years of experience in the areas of mortgage banking, loan originations and homebuyer education & housing counseling.


  • How social enterprise is going to rebuild homeownership

    Nonprofits touch hundreds of thousands of potential first-time homebuyers
    Everyone from homebuilders to mortgage lenders and real estate professionals want to see the homeownership rate increase. These traditional pillars of the market are retooling their products and services and hoping for success. But another, often overlooked, player in the market is reconfiguring its business in order to put more wind in the sales of homeownership.
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