Mike Hammer

Mike Hammer

Mike Hammer has served as in-house counsel for Tribal Lending Enterprise, Inc., a tribally owned consumer financial services company, since 2015. Previously he was the in-house attorney for Installation and Service Technologies, Inc., a legal consultant for Sprint Connect, a law clerk for the Boston University Office of the General Counsel, and a research assistant for Professor Eva Nilsen. 


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    Harnessing the power of alternative data

    When Facebook meets FICO
    The secret sauce of underwriting varies from lender to lender and is often a closely guarded secret. Increasingly important is the use of “alternative data” – a variety of information about a prospective borrower that, while not directly related to credit, has proven to hold great predictive value. Using alternative data means a lot of data to sort through and find patterns. Accordingly, the latest advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning are put to work by lenders and data providers to get the most out of this data.
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