Articles by Jacob Gaffney

4 loan officers take sides in epic battle between Quicken Loans and United Wholesale

Letters to the editor
After we published surveillance footage last week allegedly showing UWM employees papering the area outside Quicken Loans' Detroit and Phoenix offices with flyers bashing the lender, several loan officers sent letters to the editor at HousingWire expressing their opinion in the "Battle for Borrowers." Here's what 4 loan officers had to say.
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loanDepot CEO personal net worth reportedly at $2 billion

Anthony Hsieh set to get even richer with Amazon at the door
While Amazon continues to build a mortgage division within its ranks, the online giant reportedly continues to search for a strategic acquisition to buy into the mortgage retail space. One name often put forward is loanDepot, though CEO Anthony Hsieh is already reportedly doing just fine without needing to sell the company.
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AIME: The real story is borrowers simply get a better deal using brokers

Trade group responds to Quicken/UWM conflict
"The disparity between the rates being offered to consumers by independent mortgage brokers through the Quicken Loans Wholesale division in comparison to the rates being offered to consumers if they go directly through Quicken Loans retail or Rocket Mortgage is substantial," said AIME Chairman Anthony Casa.
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Looking for the best time to refinance? Wait until 2020

Interest rates to dip substantially
“Both the consensus and financial markets are coming around to our view that the Fed will cut interest rates in 2020, but we still think they are underestimating how soon and how fast the Fed’s policy cycle is likely to turn,” said Capital Economics in a note to clients.
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