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When will it be mandatory to use the new Uniform Residential Loan Application?

And what are some of the changes?
Originations commencing July 1, 2019 may use the redesigned URLA and all new loan applications commencing February 1, 2020 must use the new URLA.  Given that the new URLA was designed to make it easier for lenders to acquire data required by HMDA, it is expected that lenders will require use of the new URLA before the mandatory implementation date in February 2020.
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Watch: Movement Mortgage CEO explains why buying Eagle Home retail is win-win for everyone

Exclusive interview with HousingWire
In a video interview, HousingWire's Editor-in-Chief asks Movement Mortgage CEO Casey Crawford 3 burning questions: Why'd you pick up Eagle? What does this mean to the culture of Movement to be expanding after some contraction? Is this going to be a trend for lending in 2019? Watch our exclusive video to hear his expert answers.
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Happy New Year! Mortgage lenders face disappointing outlook for 2019

All part of looming economic slowdown
So let’s start with some good news: interest rates are not going through the roof in 2019. However, this remains nothing to get too excited about. For example, even as tech continues to replace processing jobs in mortgage lending, the cost efficiency has yet to translate into more mortgages. Shall we get the 2019 outlook machine started?
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HUD Deputy Secretary Pam Patenaude resigns

Ends 35-year career in housing
"It has been my honor to serve President Trump and Secretary Carson and I am deeply grateful to both for this opportunity," her resignation letter states. "I will continue to promote the President's agenda to make this nation stronger and more prosperous for every American."
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