Articles by Jacob Gaffney

Zillow's move into seller leads called "billion-dollar opportunity"

Mike DelPrete breaks it down
In an email to subscribers, independent analyst Mike DelPrete said Zillow’s strategic shift into iBuying and mortgage lending points to a much more profitable business line. “Zillow's iBuyer business continues to grow, and the latest results crystalize the opportunity in seller leads,” he writes in the email.
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Bloomberg article targets one of Fannie and Freddie's biggest naysayers

Josh Rosner's beef with IRS grabs some media attention
According to Robert Schmidt, reporting for Bloomberg, vocal GSE critic Josh Rosner, who successfully runs a financial services business, is claiming financial disability is responsible for him not filing taxes accordingly. And now, Rosner wants his refund but the IRS is saying, "not so fast, loudmouth."
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Kroll tells bond investors SFR market helps hedge portfolio in housing downturn

Rental market emerges as attractive counter-cyclical play
Earlier this week, the Structured Finance Investment Group held its annual Residential Mortgage Finance Symposium in New York City. Kroll Bond Rating Agency kindly emailed a recap to everyone who couldn’t make it and provided some color around prevailing views on the single-family rental space.
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Moody’s: Mortgage lending is getting riskier and that’s a problem

“The five C’s of credit” are relaxing
For the most part, new mortgages are solid, especially considering the high credit scores; improved documentation and appraisal practices; and few loans with variable payments — regulatory restrictions on loan officer compensation arrangements would also help prevent riskier lending, Moody's claims. But...
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