Jacob Gaffney

Jacob Gaffney

Jacob Gaffney is the Editor-in-Chief of HousingWire and HousingWire.com. He previously covered securitization for Reuters and Source Media in London before returning to the United States in 2009. While in Europe for nearly a decade, he covered bank loans and the high yield market, in addition to commercial paper, student loan, auto and credit card space(s). At HousingWire, he began focusing his journalism on all aspects of the housing and mortgage markets.


  • Quicken Loans accuses United Wholesale Mortgage of waging smear campaign in battle for borrowers

    Quicken CEO: "We will expose their shady schemes"
    In a recent exchange of emails with HousingWire, Quicken Loans defended its business practices, saying more than 25 C2 Financial LOs were left upset and confused by the latest development, while also accusing AIME members of trying to undermine its operations, namely United Wholesale Mortgage. Read through and judge for yourself.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: C2 Financial cutting ties with Quicken Loans this week

    Also, why do real estate agents sabotage online lenders?
    "We've been growing their business a while and we offer extremely competitive pricing. We thought we were doing a good job. C2’s owner, Ron Tomko, actually told us that himself, and we hadn’t heard any negative feedback until this decision," Quicken Loans CEO Jay Farner told HousingWire late Sunday night.
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  • HECM volume running really low

    But a marginal increase may be a sign that the worst is over
    The slump is a result of changes issued last fall by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that effectively limited the amount of proceeds available and the number of people who could benefit from the loan.
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  • HousingWire launches exclusive 5-part regtech podcast series

    Regtech Report brought to you by ComplianceEase
    HousingWire and ComplianceEase are teaming up to launch the weekly series in mid-August and will cover topics, such as artificial intelligence, big data and compliance, compliance, compliance. So keep an eye out, we’ll announce each new episode in our email alerts, and thanks for listening!
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  • From HW Magazine

    The Path to Equality

    Is the mortgage industry doing enough to support women in the workplace?
    The financial world at large is experimenting with changing its workforce culture in ways not fathomable 10 years ago. For example, in 2011, the dress code for female workers at UBS came to light with unflattering results. In it, the Swiss bank instructed female employees on not just how to dress and how to smell, but also preached the importance for ladies to apply lotion after taking showers. Fast forward to today and fellow Swiss bank, Credit Suisse has now created an official role to boost equal opportunities and create a fair treatment environment. Has the American mortgage industry made similar progress?
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  • Freddie Mac CEO: Our innovations help lenders help borrowers

    On the investment side of mortgage finance, there is plenty of change afoot
    Much has changed, Freddie Mac CEO Donald Layton admits, on the mortgage lending front. "Life is very different now," than when he took over 6 years ago, he said. "Our innovations are aimed at our 'customers'… and that’s lenders and ultimately that’s help for borrowers."
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