Robert Finlay

Robert Finlay

Robert Finlay is one of the three founding partners of Wright, Finlay & Zak. Since 1994, Finlay has focused his legal career on consumer credit, mortgage and real estate litigation and compliance matters. Finlay has authored several amicus briefs on key issues impacting the mortgage and finance industry.


  • California loss-mitigation bill creates more problems than it solves

    Here are 8 unclear and dangerous provisions of bill
    California continues its effort to pass a law that would require loan servicers to work with successors to borrowers on loss mitigation options. Unfortunately, SB 1150, while well intended, has the potential to create more problems than it solves. Here are just some of the unclear and dangerous provisions of bill.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Right of redemption on HOA sales

    A solution or just another problem for servicers in Nevada?
    The crown jewel of SB 306 is the right of redemption in the event an HOA foreclosure sale slips through the cracks. On its surface, the right of redemption is a well-needed safety valve for lenders and homeowners; however, its application may be challenging.
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  • Into the void: What the decision in Yvanova means

    The California Supreme Court leaves much unresolved in case
    Essentially, despite expounding on the issues for 30 pages, the opinion just stands for the unremarkable (and, largely, undisputed) proposition that a borrower has standing to sue for wrongful foreclosure where the transaction by which the beneficiary acquired the loan was void at its inception. That point was even conceded, to some degree, by respondents in their brief.
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  • Is Nevada’s HOA solution just another problem for mortgage servicers?

    Exercising the new right of redemption on HOA sales
    Redemption requires timely and reasonable cooperation by the purchasers, the same purchasers that the servicers have been litigating with for the last several years. As a result, exercising the right of redemption could very well lead the servicer into quiet title litigation, again. Here's what you need to do.
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