Articles by Joseph Murin

Sounding the alarm: Mortgage wire fraud is a much bigger threat than you realize

If you think mortgage wire fraud is a problem only for vendors, think again
Fraud is an issue that we don’t like to think about in the mortgage industry. Yet it always seems to be there, lingering on the fringe of our focus. From time to time, the topic bubbles up in the news or at a convention. We talk about it, give it the proverbial “15 minutes of fame", but rarely are we forced to alter the way we do business or invest large amounts into protecting ourselves from it.
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The case for the fully digital mortgage

Take it one step at a time
[Expert commentary] I call today upon our industry to work even harder to make the fully digital mortgage a reality. While there are risks to changing the way we originate, record and transfer mortgage loans, the benefits far outweigh those risks. It’s in the consumer’s best interest, and in our best interests as well.
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Experts weigh in: Is American housing policy at a historic crossroads?

It’s time to revisit some key assumptions
[Expert commentary] Not too long ago, I posed to you a fairly significant question: Is America’s housing policy at a crossroads? Now may be the perfect time to ask such a question since our industry seems to have reached a bit of a plateau. Perhaps it’s time to revisit fundamental tenets of a housing policy that has gone unquestioned for decades.
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Part 1: Is American housing policy back to historic crossroads?

It’s time to revisit some key assumptions
[Commentary] Between GSE reform and a regulatory blitz seemingly stalled, it’s time to revisit some key assumptions. We’re not quite halfway through 2017 yet, and already it’s safe to say that as far as the housing and mortgage world is concerned, this has been a year unlike any we’ve seen in awhile.
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Former Ginnie Mae president: An open letter to Dr. Carson

Don’t or overlook or underestimate Ginnie Mae — especially now
[Guest commentary] While political pundits and talking-heads focus on your views on affordable housing and plans for urban renewal, very little has been said about an institution which has become a driver in the American economy—and one which will fall under your oversight shortly: Ginnie Mae. This is certainly not to belittle any of the other matters discussed in your recent testimony before the U.S. Senate. However, I hope you’ll agree that you’re inheriting an important entity of which too little is understood by far too many.
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An open letter to our next presidential administration

Former Ginnie Mae president Joseph Murin
As President-elect Donald Trump and his team begin the arduous task of transitioning, it's important that as he addresses his long list of campaign promises he does not forget housing, says Joseph Murin, former president of Ginnie Mae. "This is a plea for this administration not to underestimate the importance of the housing and real estate industry to America’s economy. It is way past the time for our industry leadership to stop kicking the proverbial can down the road."
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When it comes to GSE reform, there's no need to reinvent the wheel

We don't need to start from scratch with reform
After reviewing various GSE reform options, I strongly believe our strongest course of action would be to combine the existing GSEs into a single, super GSE operated similarly to Ginnie Mae. Ginnie is already a proven success story, in spite of underfunding and hurricane-like market headwinds in the past ten years, so why not build upon something that we know works?
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Former president of Ginnie Mae: Agency should split from HUD

It's time to reconsider Ginnie Mae's role within HUD
Ginnie Mae would be considered a blue-chip institution in the private sector but is unable to plot its own budgetary course, which is a major impediment to growth and stability. Today, Ginnie is a success story. It has outgrown its role as a specialist supporting HUD and, instead, has ballooned to become a core industry driver. Something needs to change.
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Caution: GSE reform could have serious unintended consequences

Guest blog by former Ginnie Mae president Joseph Murin
Former Ginnie Mae president Joseph Murin knows first-hand how important the government backstop to the mortgage industry is…and it’s not just for lenders. Without the government guarantee for mortgages, it will be the consumer who suffers most, Murin says.
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