Matt Corcoran

Matt Corcoran

Matt Corcoran is Director of Marketing and User Experience at Pavaso, Inc. He has spent his career creatively simplifying complex technology and service solutions in the Telecommunications, Title, Healthcare, and Mortgage industries.


  • TILA-RESPA technology cheat sheet

    What you need to know when investing in a digital closing solution

    If you fired off an email, handed the consumer a brochure, or even simply talked about something face-to-face, how will you record or determine if the consumer engaged that content? The digital delivery of educational content will be key to not only getting the consumer to interact with it, but tracking what the consumer actually accessed.

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  • How to save $1,100 or more on the cost to close each loan

    A digital solution can help lenders' profit margins

    If you’re one of the lenders who hasn’t converted over to a digital closing platform yet, chances are you’re going to be a little lost (and even further behind) when that next phase of development kicks off about two months from now.  

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  • MBA Annual has come and gone, but TILA-RESPA is here to stay

    What progress have you made one week after the conference?

    As you head to complete this phase by Week 28, you not only need to look at how your organization operates internally, but how it operates externally as well with business partners and consumers to ensure regulations around the three-day delivery rule for the Loan Estimate are met.  

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  • Talking tech with Donald Trump Jr.

    Pavaso CEO Mark McElroy discusses TILA-RESPA compliant solution

    The show is 21st Century Television, with guest host Donald Trump Jr. interviewing Mark about the TILA-RESPA ruling, and how technology available today can not only help the industry comply, but thrive, with a whole new world of possibilities in a digital marketplace. 

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  • Acquiring new customers vs. retaining existing customers

    TILA-RESPA will force you to get creative on revenue and profits

    We offer a solution on the Pavaso platform called Title Check — where title companies can stay in front of existing customers by offering them an annually recurring service to check their title and ensure it’s clean. This is an entirely new line of revenue to leverage all of those customers that they’ve acquired and closed, instead of purely focusing on bringing in the next closing. 

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  • I dream of loan origination genie

    Wishing for better profit margins?
    Independent mortgage banks pulled in average profits of $346 per loan on originations last quarter, compared to an average profit of $1,082 per loan in the fourth quarter.
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  • What's your business intelligence IQ?

    Operational process improvements should be a focus right now

    It's apparent that you’ll need clear processes and guidelines in place for your workforce to maintain high levels of service while working within strict tolerances that could result in game-changing fines for your business.

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  • Turning negatives into positives

    CFPB consumer pain points provide base line for industry change

    If you aren’t honest with yourself on the issues customers are facing, you’ll have a tough time embracing a plan to improve your service levels to match customer expectations.

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  • Netflix and the housing industry

    Why "digital transformation" needs to be front-of-mind today

    Perhaps the most easily understood example of a technology disruption that occurred, and a digital transformation that didn’t, is the battle between the Internet-centered Netflix and the brick-and-mortar Blockbuster.

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