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Mortgage servicers trend toward multiple field-service providers

Is it time to spread out the grunt work?
With so many changes taking place in the default servicing arena, with heightened focus on regulations and compliance issues, one solution being chosen by some lenders, servicers and investors is to contract with multiple field service providers, rather than a single “national” provider.
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Are we facing yet another foreclosure crisis?

Property preservation remains vital component to default servicing
Despite numerous reports indicating that there has been a deep decline in foreclosure inventory over the past several months in many markets, the reality, as chronicled in several articles recently penned by this author and others, is that foreclosure rates are very likely to rise again in the not-too-distant future.
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More proof housing is headed for a fall

Dismal market can't be blamed on weather
With over 7 million Americans working in part-time positions rather than the full-time jobs they would prefer having, and with so many millions more dropping out of the workforce altogether, the case is made… again, that our economic outlook is not rosy as we sloth through the remainder of 2014.
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Effinger: The reality behind NAR’s spin on home sales

It's better to educate consumers
Following HousingWire reporter Trey Garrison’s piece “4 charts show the phony thrill of existing home sales,” Lynn Effinger argues that NAR and other trade associations involved in the industry need to spend less time spinning and more time educating consumers.
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Cradle-to-grave coverage

Challenges become opportunities for field services providers
There are certainly challenges aplenty these days for field services providers. But over the years many field services providers have turned these challenges into opportunities to grow and prosper — and we continue to do so.
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