Articles by Sarah Wheeler

Executive Conversation: Krish Swaminathan and Neil Armstrong on the benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Sutherland's suite of automation tools drives efficiency and significantly improves employee productivity
Mortgage companies should expect a quick return on their investment in RPA because it enhances productivity and improves the value chain without IT disruptions. We encourage companies to measure the productivity per employee before RPA is implemented and then again after the learning stage. It is a remarkable difference.
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The margin compression everyone has experienced is our own fault

Here's how we get out of it
It is no surprise that mortgage origination volumes and margins have compressed across the board this year. And if lenders are going to be profitable, or even stay in business, they really need to focus on just one thing. Find out what that is in this article featuring Mike McFadden, group head of Riivos Mortgage.
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Executive Conversation: Jim Wehmann on FICO's latest credit score innovations

FICO leverages a wide range of new data sets to improve financial inclusion
"FICO Score XD for the U.S. is part of our global financial inclusion initiative where we are working in more than 25 countries around the world, to facilitate credit access for about 1 billion people," Jim Wehman, executive vice president of FICO Scores, said. "We are learning a lot from the work we’re doing outside the U.S. and now have access to different types of data such as mobile device data, which could be very impactful."
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Phillip Schulman, partner at Mayer Brown, to speak at

Will speak on RESPA co-marketing panel
Lenders and real estate agents have to be careful as they navigate the murky compliance waters of MSAs, co-advertising arrangements, desk rentals and lead generation agreements. That's why we've invited Phillip Schulman, a partner in Mayer Brown's Washington D.C. office, to lead a discussion at on RESPA and co-marketing concerns.
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The Mortgage Collaborative expands Affordable Lending Outreach pilot program

Partnering with Fannie Mae, TMC members are offering more loans for manufactured homes
The U.S. is in the middle of an affordable housing crisis. That’s because median national rents have been rising much faster than wages and there are few builders focused on affordable housing units. Recognizing this problem, The Mortgage Collaborative launched its Affordable Lending Outreach pilot program with Fannie Mae last year, and has extended the program this year.
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Jake Fehling, vice president of marketing at Movement Mortgage, to speak at

Panel on strategic partnerships and tech integrations as marketing tools
Forging strategic partnerships is now table stakes for lenders and fintech companies. That's why we've invited Jake Fehling, vice president of marketing at Movement Mortgage, to speak at our event on Strategic Partnerships and Tech Integrations as Marketing Tools. 
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Rocky Stubbs, SVP, head of direct lending at Flagstar Bank, to speak at

Find out more about how to manage co-marketing relationships
What are the most important things to know about growing and managing co-marketing relationships in this purchase market? It's an important question, which is why we asked Rocky Stubbs, senior vice president, head of direct lending at Flagstar Bank, to speak at our event on our panel about Realtor and Lender Partnerships. 
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Rick Webster, chief revenue officer of MonitorBase, to speak at

Find out about emerging advertising trends
Capturing consumer attention means constantly moving the goal posts, which is why we’ve invited Rick Webster, chief revenue officer at MonitorBase, to speak at our event. His panel, Emerging Advertising Trends, will look at how well different channels and approaches are performing and what the agencies who monitor, measure and market to consumers 24/7 think is going to succeed in the next 12 to 18 months.
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Kate Adamson, head of mortgage at Plaid, to speak at

Tackling the challenge of consumer engagement in the age of the digital mortgage
Mortgage lenders have to balance two competing interests as they originate loans: the automation required for efficiency and the human touch that consumers need at different points in the process. That's no easy task, which is why we’ve invited Kate Adamson, head of mortgage at Plaid, to speak at our conference on the topic of Consumer Engagement in the Era of the Digital Mortgage.
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Nick Hedges, SVP of Consumer Strategy at Ellie Mae, to speak at

Learn how to leverage marketing automation and lead generation to grow your business
No matter how well you're doing, your business needs more business. And we have designed the summit to equip you to do exactly that. That’s why we’ve invited Nick Hedges, senior vice president of consumer strategy at Ellie Mae, to speak on Leveraging Marketing Automation and Lead Generation to Grow Your Business. When Nick served as the CEO and president of Velocify, he took the company from less than $10 million in revenue to more than $50 million in his seven years there.
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