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Ellie Mae to buy Velocify for $128 million

Velocify's sales acceleration platform already used by many Encompass customers
“As part of our comprehensive strategy to deliver the first true digital mortgage to the industry, we are helping lenders to originate more loans, reduce costs, and complete the entire mortgage process faster,” said Jonathan Corr, president and CEO of Ellie Mae. “The combination of Velocify’s solution with our Encompass CRM and Encompass Consumer Connect solutions will accelerate our delivery of the most robust digital mortgage solution in the market.”
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Pole Position: Why are women falling out of the leadership pipeline?

And what mortgage companies are doing to promote more to women to the C-suite
In 1970, only 11% of women in the work force had college degrees. In 2016 that number was 40%, and women outearn men in bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees. These are serious gains in the number of women attending and graduating college and then entering the work force. But that pipeline of educated, experienced women starts to erode when you look at the number of women assuming leadership roles in business, including mortgage finance.
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Executive Conversation: Craig Crabtree on the importance of the right workflow

Lenders are leveraging Equifax verification data as part of Day 1 initiative
Equifax is the first designated provider to meet all Day 1 Certainty requirements through its full suite of eligible verifications, including instant income and employment verifications from The Work Number. In addition, we have a manual verification solution so if the borrower’s employment data isn’t available on The Work Number, we have a team that will call on the employer to complete the verification on behalf of the lender.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Another Goldman Sachs alum joins Trump team

Plus, forest fires and the CFPB complaint database
The appointment of Anthony Scaramucci adds another Goldman Sachs alum to the Trump team. Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary, Gary Cohn, head of the National Economic Council, and Dina Powell, deputy national security advisor, are all former Goldman partners, while Steve Bannon, the president's top strategist, was a vice president at Goldman Sachs in the 1980s. 
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Wall Street veteran Anthony Scaramucci assumes leading White House role

But don't call him Gordon Gecko
In addition to chronicling Sean Spicer’s “abrupt and angry departure,” news stories Friday morning scrambled to provide information on Anthony Scaramucci, who is well known in political and financial circles, but not a household name. Depending on where you get your news, he was alternatively described as a "wealthy financier" or a “loudmouth Wall Street creep.” Other descriptors include “smooth-talking Long Island native” and one of Trump’s “most aggressive television surrogates.”
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Hot Seat: Robert Behrend of

Educating new real estate investors is more important than ever
In any given month, Customer Care fields over 50,000 in-bound calls, makes more than 8,000 outbound calls, and coordinates upwards of 10,000 chats and emails from buyers with feedback that is valuable for us to know and share with sellers. Additionally, Customer Engagement’s VIP buyer team helps 1,200 of the top buying customers, who purchase multiple properties during any given month or year, find the best properties that match their portfolios.
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Fannie Mae: from legacy to startup

Andrew Bon Salle on the GSE’s evolution into a smart, agile company
You'd be forgiven for thinking that a quasi-federal agency founded in the 1930s is the last place you’d describe using words like innovative or agile. But you’d be wrong. Defying all stereotypes, Fannie Mae’s recent actions read a lot more like a startup than a $2.8 billion company with more than 7,000 employees. In the last two years, the company has implemented a user experience strategy, adopted design thinking and accelerated time to market for an innovative array of products.
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Here's how to protect your mortgage business from the recent, global cyber attack

Banks on high alert as ransomware attack goes global
Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the attack, from a financial institution's perspective, is that it originated in a third-party service provider, proving that hackers have identified one of the weak spots in the financial ecosystem. In their attempts to automate the mortgage process, banks and other financial institutions rely on third-party providers to deliver a wide range of services and often have dozens of integrations with these providers.
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Here's why Sindeo shuttered its business

CEO outlines reasons in note to investors
In a surprise move Tuesday night, mortgage tech company Sindeo announced it was closing its business — laying off all but a few employees to help finish out its current loan obligations. In CEO Nick Stamos’ note posted to the company’s website, no reason was given for the closure. However, in a note to investors, advisors and friends, Stamos gave more detail about the reasons behind the move.
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Shocker: Mortgage tech firm Sindeo suddenly folds

Four-year-old firm permanently lays off all but a few employees
San Francisco-based mortgage technology firm Sindeo, which entered the market four years ago, announced Tuesday evening that it is abruptly and immediately closing its doors. Sindeo’s CEO, Nick Stamos, published a letter on the company’s website announcing the closure. Click the headline to read more about Sindeo’s sudden shuttering.
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