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Servicers must adjust operation policies to meet HUD conveyance deadlines and avoid delays

Q&A with Michael Greenbaum on the role HUD plays for conveyance deadlines
Reconveyances are one of the biggest challenges mortgage servicers face. With constant changes in leadership, guidelines, HUD vendors and the interpretations of regulations, servicers face significant hurdles with FHA loans. Michael Greenbaum, COO of Safeguard Properties, talks about the steps servicers can take to meet conveyance deadlines and the expansion of FHA's CWCOT program.
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Today's low default market provides opportunities for innovation, tech and growth

Chad Mosley and Marti Diaz talk about preparing MCS's technology, processes and people for growth
What should mortgage companies focus on in a low default environment? Two executives from MCS, COO Chad Mosley and Chief Human Resources Officer Marti Diaz, argue that now is the perfect time to focus on innovating your technology, processes and people.
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Mortgage lenders: 3 keys to thriving in 2019

A proven tech strategy for more revenue, loan officer retention and referral relationships in the new year
The challenges lenders faced in 2018 — rising interest rates, strong home-price appreciation, and tight housing supply — will persist into 2019, requiring lenders to respond strategically to thrive and stay profitable.
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The disruption of the secondary market relies on efficiencies that can scale

Resitrader by Optimal Blue connects lenders and investors in real time to accelerate results
By connecting lenders and investors in real time, Resitrader automates what used to be a manual, email-based trading process and makes it incredibly scalable. Besides the immediate time savings, the Resitrader platform fosters real relationships between engaged buyers and sellers, which is mutually beneficial to both sides.
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EXOS Servicing lets consumers manage their mortgage through mobile

Q&A with Dave Worrall and Kiran Vattem on the benefits of self-serve technology
EXOS gives consumers a long list of things they can do to manage their mortgage — things like setting up an ACH account and downloading their billing statements. It also brings mortgage information to mobile devices, providing a platform for expansion in the digital space with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and wearable technology.
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The business case for affordable lending

Lenders see compelling growth with products aimed at LMI borrowers
For most lenders, 2018 has been a tough year for their mortgage origination business. Creative new approaches like the Affordable Lending Pilot Program are needed if mortgage lenders are going to expand their business, and underserved borrowers present a significant opportunity for lenders willing to think outside their typical credit box.
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What will make lenders profitable in 2019?

Six resources to help you increase efficiencies while cutting costs
As predicted, it’s been a brutal year for the mortgage industry. But our Knowledge Center is brimming with resources to streamline your operations, close faster and work smarter. Industry experts detail how to cut review time by 33%, reduce licensing fees by 57%, expand home equity lending, and more.
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Setting the 2019 budget for your mortgage business?

The right technology partner is more important than ever
In the midst of significant economic headwinds, lenders are developing their 2019 budgets, and top concerns include increasing production and decreasing turn-times. The prime driver for the next year has to be efficiency, which makes choosing the right technology partner especially important. Lenders using FirstClose are seeing efficiencies in two areas that will be critical for success in the next year: home equity fulfillment process and vendor management.
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Optimal Blue’s product and pricing becomes the mortgage industry’s system of record

Its PPE network now includes more than 2,000 clients
Over the last two years, Optimal Blue has strategically acquired several companies, built an extensive API network, and invested heavily in automation and technology with one goal in mind: to create an entirely automated secondary marketing ecosystem for mortgage originators and investors, as well as the technology providers they rely upon every day.
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Executive Conversation: Rick Thornberry on the launch of his company's new brand identity — One Radian

Business strategy focuses on innovative products and services so customers can better manage risk
Radian CEO Rick Thornberry discusses One Radian — his company's new brand identity and the catalyst behind innovative new products and services. "We want to be a force of positive disruption and are committed to creating a new future that strategically leverages technology and data to drive digital transformation of our business and the markets we serve," Thornberry says.
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