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Blockchain isn’t magic but it's designed to make you think so

There is a science behind the magic
[Op-Ed] Blockchain has been hailed as the next big thing and today’s most cutting edge technology, even without an adopted consumer facing platform as of yet. Those that may not know the ins and outs of blockchain can get lost in the “blockchain is magic” narrative. Blockchain can make life easier. But, there is a science behind the magic.
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The industry’s next level of compliance: Preservation via blockchain

Blockchain technologies provide solutions for proof of compliance
The mortgage industry needs the ability to prove compliance for their loan products. But they are faced with challenges as the current mortgage compliance consists of rules, procedures and audits—none of which preserve actual proof of compliance. Blockchain technologies can be particularly helpful for these industries.
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Moral hazard

The rule of law and mortgages
Let me start by saying I am not a lawyer and I do not aspire to be a lawyer. But these days it is hard to be in the mortgage business and not be pretty savvy on the legal aspects of our industry.
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