Articles by Megan Hopkins

Experts become confident Treasury will taper first

MBS acquisitions have positive effect on rates
A study presented at the Jackson Hole conference recently provided even more evidence that tapering will begin with Treasury purchase cutbacks, since MBS acquisitions have had a more positive effect on the housing market as well as rates.
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Multifamily demand outpaces supply

Rising rates push consumers to rent
As home prices continue to improve, mortgage rates continue to rise and consumers face tighter lending standards, it will become more difficult for many potential homebuyers to purchase a home. And with homeownership no longer an option for many, demand for rental properties is now outpacing supply.
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Price appreciation picks up in emerging real estate markets

Once thriving markets experience less growth
Cities like Washington D.C. experienced a sharp uptick in home prices during the recent housing recovery, but the nation's capital is no longer seeing sharp price hikes. So what's causing once overheated markets to cool off while emerging cities see steep appreciation?
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Home Depot stock takes off

Lowe's falls behind its competitor
When home retailer stocks, including Lowe’s and Home Depot, dipped slightly last week, Barclays predicted a firm rebound, and a rebound it has gotten.
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