Articles by Megan Hopkins

JPMorgan Chase shakes up board with new directors

Enhances its focus on corporate governance
The board of directors at JPMorgan Chase plans to elect Linda Bammann and Michael Neal as directors of the company, according to an announcement Monday. The board changes come at a time when the firm is enhancing its corporate governance practices.
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Lack of first-time homebuyers ties up housing

Investors may fill the gaps as young Americans retreat
With fewer young adults working and more buried under student debt, first-time homebuyers seem to be shying away from the market and opting to rent or even remain at home with their parents. This development is setting up the housing industry for a major disappointment.
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Ocwen Financial soars on NYSE after SmarTrend call

Stock has grown well over 15% since the call
Over the past two months, mortgage servicer Ocwen Financial has performed extremely well on the New York Stock Exchange. This success came on the coat tails of SmarTrend identifying an Uptrend for Ocwen on July 15, 2013, at $45.95.
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N. Las Vegas never warmed to eminent domain

Mayor Lee: "We weren't prepared"
North Las Vegas became the latest city to reject a controversial eminent domain plan that would have allowed the municipality to utilize the power of eminent domain to refinance underwater mortgages. Defeated in a five-to-zero vote, it seems the proposal was never fully 'accepted' in the first place.
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