I'll wager most people aren't surprised if a waitress offers them a side salad with their main course or a drink while they wait for their food to be delivered, and most of us appreciate the attentive service. So why are mortgage brokers reticent to cross-sell in the same way? In today's market place there simply aren't the levels of income to be achieved from mortgage sales alone and those brokers who have thrived have been those willing to adapt their models and consider complementary products and services. Understanding your customers and offering relevant and timely ancillary services could be the way to differentiate your business from the competition. The odd salad or bottle of beer won't change the fortunes of a struggling restaurant, and it is likely that the low value contribution to the bottom line by GI sales has played a role in limiting uptake by brokers, but the diners who come back time and again for the best service are those that will spend significantly more money on the expensive four course dinners with wine, and may even recommend the restaurant to their friends. Significantly superior service has a way of leading to significantly higher sales. I'm not suggesting brokers don a pinny and set up tables and chairs outside their front door, of course, but I am suggesting there's a lesson to be learned about using relevant cross selling techniques to significantly grow a more sustainable business.