In terms of delinquencies, Bank of America (BAC) continues to score well among servicers of securitized Ginnie Mae mortgages. BofA sported the lowest 60-day and 90+ day delinquency rates among the top six servicers in May, according to Barclays Capital research this week. In Ginnie Mae's overall mortgage books, delinquencies remained stable across most coupons, dipping slightly in some earlier vintages (2005 and 2006). BofA-serviced Ginnie loans ranked among the lowest in terms of 60-day delinquencies (less than 1% in May), followed closely by Wells Fargo (WFC) (just over 1%). Countrywide loans had the highest 60-day delinquency rate of around 3%: Results were similar among 90+ day delinquencies, with BofA and Wells both scoring near the 0% mark. Although Countrywide loans had the highest rate of just under 2% in May, it had ranked as the second-highest for the three previous months behind JP Morgan Chase (JPM), which plummeted around one percentage point from April to May: Barclays Capital also found that Ginnie Mae constant prepayment rates rose from April to May as buyouts occurred across vintages and coupons. Additionally, roll rates of loans moving into later stages of delinquency continued to rise across many vintages and coupons. The Barclays Capital reporting includes vintages up to 2008. According to information provided to HousingWire by Ginnie Mae, the Ginnie mortgage-backed securities issuance totaled $220.6bn in fiscal year (FY) 2008, up more than twice from $85.1bn in FY 2007. And Ginnie MBS issuance continues to grow, reaching $418.9bn in FY 2009. So far in the first three quarters of FY 2010, Ginnie MBS issuance is up to $306.9bn. Write to Diana Golobay. The author holds no relevant investments.