Wipro Gallagher Solutions, a mortgage technology company based in Franklin, Tenn., is combining its end-to-end loan origination technology, NetOxygen Cirrus, with its loan processing services to offer lenders a complete fulfillment platform. The platform's main selling points are its ability to remove stress from the lender, unify the loan origination and servicing processes, and increase productivity. "Flexibility is the key component of the WGS solution. Our customers are able to utilize WGS for complete end-to-end fulfillment or for specific functions within the loan process," said Anil Raibagi, general manager and business head at WGS. "This new platform also provides our services on a variable pricing structure, enabling clients to gain the maximum skill sets." The firm said the new offering was designed to be a part of a long-term strategic solution for mortgage lenders as opposed to a temporary way to cut costs. According to WGS, its fulfillment platform reduces costs by approximately 30%. The WGS operational environment is designed on a per-file basis, which reduces lenders' cost through unused workforce and keeps the cost per loan constant, regardless of the volume put in per month. Write to Christine Ricciardi.