Like her or not, Elizabeth Warren has a knack for video.

The U.S. Senator from Massachusetts certainly knows how to capture national attention every time she appears on Capitol Hill. And this will be a more frequent occurrence now that she is a U.S. Senator on the Senate Banking Committee.

Warren’s exchange with banking regulators as featured by CSPAN below shows the creator of the CFPB starting to take a hard line – or a suggestive hard line – on the prudential regulators overseeing banks. Warren's exchange Thursday did away with early speculation that she might ease up and back away from potential battles over banking regulation and mortgage issues.

In one exchange, Warren asks a panel of regulators, "What I am asking you is when did you last take a large financial institutions or Wall Street Bank to trial?"

Regulators from the OCC and other prudential regulatory agencies responded by saying as a practical matter they have been able to achieve their supervisory goals without trials.

Click here to watch the video from CSPAN. Warren's exchange is featured at roughly 1:41:00.