Real estate listing service Trulia (TRLA) offers plenty to those searching for a home. For those searching in a particular area, Truila can provide third-party financing options and up-to-the-moment mortgage rates.

From here on out, Mortech will backend that service.

Trulia launched its IPO last month, and reports more than 22 million unique visitors search its pages to find real estate information each month.

Those users who search for mortgages to match the listings will now be using the Mortech Marksman lead management system.

Mortech is a mortgage software company that will now be the sole provider of mortgage products and rate information made available on the website.

“We have historically been a top choice of web publishers seeking mortgage rate information for their visitors,” said Don Kracl, Mortech President. “We are very pleased to provide technology to Trulia and to share the attention of the company’s website visitors with the lenders in our network.”

Trulia is confirming the deal, but declined additional comment.