Tax reform expected to go into effect immediately

Boost to economy likely temporary
“The president has said he is ready to sign tax reform legislation into law "within hours of passing,” touting tax cuts as a Christmas present for the American people,” predicts Lindsey Piegza, chief economist at Stifel.
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Fannie, Freddie suspend evictions for the holidays

But administration proceedings may continue
As the holiday season grows closer, the GSEs made it just a little less stressful for families close to losing their home, by announcing families would be able to stay in their homes through the holidays. Although legal and administrative proceedings for evictions can continue, families will still be allowed to remain in the home.
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Capital Economics: Mortgage apps likely stuck in a rut in 2018

Interest rate hikes not helping
Home purchase demand remains largely unchanged since 2016, according to a report from Matthew Pointon, a property economist at Capital Economics. That, couple with persistently low property inventory and looming rate hikes mean mortgage app performance next year is set to “meh.”
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Preserving homeownership incentives – a national priority in tax reform

Here's a better solution for tax reform
[Expert commentary] The Community Home Lenders Association is very supportive of the goals of the pending House and Senate tax bills of providing tax relief for individuals and corporations and simplifying and reforming the tax code. And if this means reforming existing homeownership tax provisions in order to help finance these tax cuts, that is fine with us.
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HUD Secretary Carson: 11 million American households remain “severely burdened”

More than 50% of income goes to housing
HUD Secretary Ben Carson announced 11 million American families are severely burdened as they pay over half their income to housing each month. What's more, a half million families don’t have any home at all, and 40,000 veterans remain homeless. Here’s what his department plans to do to reduce those numbers.
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