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  • President Trump signs Dodd-Frank rollback into law

    President Donald Trump signed a major Dodd-Frank rollback into law Thursday, hoping to bring regulatory relief to community banks across the U.S. The president explained Dodd-Frank’s costly regulations gave large banks a negative advantage at the cost of small banks throughout the country. Click the headline to read more.


Louisiana moves to ban inclusionary zoning

State house approves bill that would impact affordable housing development
The Louisiana legislature is moving to ban inclusionary zoning, a policy meant to promote affordable housing by mandating the inclusion of an affordable portion in new housing developments. This week, the state's House of Representatives approved a ban on inclusionary zoning. The measure could be on the governor's desk soon.
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Rentalutions rebrands as Avail

Online rental listing, management platform rebrands itself
Online DIY rental platform for landlords and tenants is undergoing a full-on rebranding. Rentalutions will become Avail. Rentalutions announced a full-on rebranding and will re-emerge as Avail. This rebranding falls almost exactly one year after a successful acquisition of $2 million in funding allowed the young company to expand its offerings.
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Report: Hispanic household wealth continues to climb

But politics threaten long-term commitment
Financial investments are accelerating among the U.S. Hispanic population, but today's current political climate is causing hesitation about long-term financial commitments, according to the Hispanic Wealth Project's 2018 annual report.
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ZipLogix partners with Glide to bring digital disclosures to California Realtors

New app allows sellers to submit Transfer Disclosure Documents digitally for the first time
No more paper pushing when it comes to disclosure for members of California Association of Realtors and their selling clients. ZipLogix and Glide have teamed up to create an app for that. Glide Form will be the first ever platform that allows sellers to file their transfer disclosure documents digitally.
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The first-time Millennial homebuyer just turned 30

Millennials step up their borrowing game from February to March, yet still have to rent longer
The average Millennial homebuyer just turned 30. According to Ellie Mae's latest report, the average age of a Millennial homebuyer rose from 29.5 in March 2017 to 30.1 in March of this year. Ellie Mae points to the compression of inventory largely due to Baby Boomers aging in place instead of relocating and retiring as the reason for the average age of the Millennial homebuyer to creep up into the 30s.
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Point secures $150 million commitment to buy equity from homeowners

Atalaya Capital Management agrees to buy $150 million in shared equity investments
Point, a financial technology platform that offers homeowners the opportunity take equity out of their home without taking on new debt, is set to grow thanks to a $150 million commitment from Atalaya Capital Management, a private investment firm. Under the agreement, Atalaya and Point entered into a forward flow purchase program wherein the investment firm is committing to buy as much as $150 million of Point’s shared equity instruments.
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