Zillow: Rising home values continue to lower negative equity

Location within city may not matter
A new report from Zillow shows the percentage of homes that are underwater went down once again in the second quarter. It also shows that the home's location within the city may not actually matter, and there is a bigger factor at play.
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Appraisal volume posts slight boost after dry spell

No more holiday factors
Appraisal volume posted a slight resurgence in the latest National Appraisal Volume Index report from a la mode. Kevin Golden, director of analytics, noted that this week’s results mark the highest non-holiday influenced four-week period since early spring.
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California home sales come tumbling back down to earth

Home values remain strong
Just one month after posting a nearly four-year high, home sales in California took a step backwards in the month of July, with year-to-date sales falling from the previous year for first time in 18 months, according to a new report from the California Association of Realtors.
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Landmark Network acquires AppraisalPro

Strengthens presence on East coast
Landmark Network completed the acquisition of AppraisalPro, which will further the company’s reach into the Northeast. The company says existing clients won’t experience delays, but rather, will be able to immediately use Landmark’s technology.
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Dallas homebuilding values shift dramatically

More expensive homes being built
New home starts in Dallas may be up, but it won’t help the affordability crisis as homebuilders made a dramatic shift in the type of homes they are building. Instead of building affordable homes, new home starts are increasing in the higher price ranges.
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