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Executive Conversation: Jay Kingsley on reducing origination costs and time to close

CoreLogic's AutomatIQ Borrower gives lenders a single integrated solution to improve underwriting
There is a disconnect between the digital consumer experience and the more fragmented, manual processes that continue to slow down and increase underwriting costs. Jay Kingsley, executive for credit solutions at CoreLogic, discusses how his company's AutomatIQ Borrower pulls all the disparate borrower underwriting tools together into one integrated solution delivered from one provider.
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Don’t wait for disaster to strike — test the strength of your subservicer now

This TMS checklist will make sure your borrowers get white-glove service at a critical time
Unfortunately, natural disasters and hurricanes will happen. It’s on you to make sure borrowers are in the best hands possible when it happens. To test the strength of your subservicer, go through this check list to see how well they’d be prepared for a future crisis.
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MERSCORP Holdings to host a second eMortgage Boot Camp Nov. 15

Find out how to execute an eNote strategy with operational, technical, and strategic game-planning
With large investors including Wells Fargo, Texas Capital Bank, Ginnie Mae and the Federal Home Loan Banks signaling their intention to purchase and accept eNotes in the near future, some perceived barriers to eMortgage adoption are quickly falling away. That’s one reason MERSCORP Holdings, which owns and operates the MERS eRegistry, is holding an eMortgage Boot Camp this year on November 15.
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Genworth reaches first-time homebuyers with unique borrower programs

Home Suite Home protects borrowers from unexpected, non-recurring homeownership costs
Now that first-time homebuyers are ready to buy a home, how can you prove you’re the right lending partner for them? Genworth offers innovative products designed to let our lending partners help their borrowers with exclusive programs like our First-Time Homebuyer Suite, Homebuyer Privileges, Homebuyer Education, Homeowner Assistance Program, and Home Suite Home.
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Executive Conversation: Celeste Starchild on serving the digital-first homebuyer

ListHub makes it easy for real estate brokers to effectively manage every aspect of advertising listings online
Executive Conversations is a HousingWire web series that profiles powerful people in the financial industry, highlighting the operations and the people that make this sector tick. In the latest installment, we sit down with Celeste Starchild, SVP Professional Software, Move, Inc. and General Manager of ListHub, to talk about how brokers can manage their active real estate listings through ListHub to generate more leads.
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BRAWL founder thanks brokers, lenders that made movement a hit

Anthony Casa began the BRAWL movement to implement change in whole-tail lending
BRAWL has given mortgage brokers a real voice in the industry – one that can’t be ignored. The movement sparked meaningful change that has helped mortgage brokers grow their business. It started professional dialogue between brokers and wholesale lenders that, in many cases, has led to mutually beneficial solutions and working partnerships that are stronger than they were previously.
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Executive Conversation: Phil McCall on the rising risk of inaccurate data

ARMCO's DataSure provides robust data validation technology for greater lender efficiency
Lenders who are still using a manual "stare and compare" method to assure data accuracy on loan files are not only wasting time but also putting their business at risk of compliance violations. In this executive conversation, Phil McCall, president of ARMCO, explains how lenders can radically increase their efficiency while reducing their risk by using ARMCO's DataSure. DataSure automatically parses and evaluates data on virtually any type of loan document, cross comparing that data to the lender’s source system and automatically communicating all corrected data fields back into that system.
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Production costs still too high? Don't forget the back end

Capsilon IQ reduces cost, time and risk by automating up to 80% of the process
Capsilon IQ automates manual, repetitive tasks, allows for better available data and recaptures 10+ hours per employee each week. With a new Data Audit productivity app, Capsilon creates an Intelligent Work Experience where technology maximizes employee productivity and makes lenders’ existing systems more powerful.
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Executive Conversation: Alok Bansal on zero-cost technology

Visionet Systems offers another option to those considering whether to build or buy
Lenders weighing whether to buy or build the technology they need to be more efficient and competitive in this market now have another option: they can partner with Visionet Systems and take advantage of 'zero upfront cost technology.' Alok Bansal, managing director of Visionet Systems, explains how his company's pay per use model works to get lenders ROI from the first day of use.
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Executive Conversation: Daniel Perl on the resurrection of the non-prime market

Citadel Servicing Corp. offers sound lending programs and full vertical seamless integration
Dan Perl, CEO of Citadel Servicing Corp., talks about the opportunities presented by non-prime loans in our latest Executive Conversation. "Non-prime offers a viable alternative to penetrate a market that has been insufficiently mined for the past 10 years. Additionally, it is a loan product that has not become a commodity so there is room to gain market recognition in addition to the profit motive."
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