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Put your trust in a local mortgage broker

Countless reasons why partnering with a local mortgage broker is a trustworthy option for you and your buyers
Before you advise your buyers to call a big bank or online retail lender for their home loan, consider that working with an independent mortgage broker—experts who specialize in home loans and are rooted in your community—can ensure your buyers reach the closing table quickly with the best rates available and personalized service throughout the entire process. If you—or your buyers—haven’t considered working with a local mortgage broker, consider the following three factors that protect their best interests throughout the home buying journey.
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Citadel Servicing Corp. continues to expand non-QM options

Loans for self employed borrowers and mixed-use residential/commercial on the rise
Jaye Craft, sales manager at Citadel Servicing Corporation (CSC), discusses the growing demand for non-QM loan products, including those for self-employed borrowers, mixed used residential/commercial projects and hotels/motels.
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Inside the mortgage broker revolution

Anthony Casa discusses the rise in millennials utilizing independent mortgage brokers
HousingWire sat down with AIME Chairman Anthony Casa to discuss the rise in independent mortgage brokers and the changes in today's mortgage market.
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The surprising benefits of designing a mortgage process based on empathy and data

Roostify’s digital lending platform was developed to put the borrower at the center
While the mortgage industry is subject to more regulation today than ever before, the foundation of residential lending has not significantly changed. The system is still anchored around lenders and GSEs. Roostify aims to shift that focus with a customer-centric model that puts an emphasis on empathy and using customer data to create best-in-class experience.
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Trying to help buyers with student loan debt get their dream home?

Real estate professionals are turning to mortgage brokers for customized loan solutions
Student loan debt doesn’t have to disqualify an otherwise worthy borrower. And partnering with a local mortgage broker who can help is easy – real estate professionals and homebuyers can locate one in their community and find home-buying tips and tools, including mortgage calculators at FindAMortgageBroker.com.
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Maximize your reach, gain more referrals by marketing with an independent mortgage broker

Three ways you can market better by partnering with your local mortgage broker
Marketing is a critical part of growing your business, capturing new leads and getting referrals from past clients. As a real estate professional, you’re constantly marketing — not only yourself and your business — but also properties and communities. But did you know that you can expand on your marketing strategy to better promote your business and gain more referrals without much, if any, extra effort? You can! By partnering with a local independent mortgage broker.
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