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Sponsored By's local teams help drive $39 billion in national sales with commitment to service

A sea of green shirts brings local expertise on a national scale
Over the past 10 years,’s brand has become synonymous with digital innovation and client service in the real estate industry. Our company transformed the way buyers and sellers interact by making it possible to transact foreclosure, CWCOT and REO sales online. Our controlled and efficient auction processes have revolutionized the way our clients manage their portfolios to achieve higher sales rates, while increasing sales execution, reducing timelines and mitigating risk.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Is the housing market finally slowing down?

California fires continue to rage
As we head into the hottest month of the year, is home price growth finally starting to cool down? It looks like it might. For the first time in almost four years, home prices posted three straight months of declines in annual appreciation. But as the housing market cools, California continues to heat up as wildfires sweep across the state, claiming yet more victims.
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Roostify appoints new chief financial officer

Amblard has more than a decade of board operating experience
Tech100 winner Roostify follows through on its plans of expansion, appointing Eric Amblard as its new chief financial officer. Amblard brings with him more than a decade of board operating experience scaling B2B SaaS companies.
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Would you spend $1M on a rock?

A boulder in San Francisco just sold for an astonishing price
What’s the most expensive rock you’ve ever bought? Perhaps the one on your significant other’s ring finger? If you think that was expensive, take a look at this boulder about to sell for nearly $1 million in San Francisco.
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RealPage continues growth, plans $100M acquisition of LeaseLabs

Latest deal pushes total outlay for acquisitions since 2017 to more than $1B
RealPage, a provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry, has been on quite the run of acquisitions in the last 18 months or so, acquiring five different companies as it seeks to grow its empire. And the company’s not done yet. RealPage announced late Thursday that it is planning to acquire LeaseLabs in a $100+ million deal.
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Who uses a reverse mortgage to purchase a house?

No one, really, even though it could be a retirement gamechanger
A little-known reverse mortgage product lets older homebuyers use their equity to purchase a house. It could help older adults free up cash at a time in life when liquidity is especially important. Too bad no one's really heard of it.
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Hey regulators, let’s fix the Community Reinvestment Act

It’s time to make CRA more effective in the 21st century banking system
The Community Reinvestment Act is important to provide fair access to credit and investment, and many financial institutions agree it’s an important tool in their business strategy. But current guidelines render it ineffective, and it’s time regulators institute much-needed change.
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Zillow bringing its direct homebuying program to Denver

Second expansion this summer
For the second time in less than a month, Zillow is expanding its direct homebuying program. Last month, the online real estate giant announced that it is planning to bring its direct buyer program to Atlanta. Now, the company is expanding again, announcing Wednesday that it is also planning to begin directly buying houses from sellers in the Denver area.
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Can you afford to finance a tiny home?

You won't be able to use a traditional loan
As more people buckle under the weight of mortgage and rental rates, alternative housing has become a viable option. Specifically, tiny homes have piqued the interest of those wanting to ditch the picket fence and fat loan. But how affordable is a tiny home? Not very.
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