Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Senate passes major tax reform that impacts every mortgage facet

Real estate, lending, servicing and secondary markets will all change
Tax reform. Tax reform. Tax reform. The big issue facing housing and mortgage finance, by far, is tax reform. The Senate passed its major tax reform Friday night, and now the two parties will need to come to a consensus on which tax bill they will send to the president's desk. For now there is no consensus, or clear guidance, on what tax reform will entail.
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Congressional hearing scheduled on the future of Ginnie Mae

HFSC set to hear testimony this Wednesday
The House Financial Services Committee is set to hear testimony on Wednesday from the acting director of Ginnie Mae on the future of the only entity that securitizes federally insured mortgages. The hearing may give some insight into the government's plans for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
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Former Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew joins private equity firm

Becomes partner at Lindsay Goldberg
Former Department of the Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew is returning to the private sector. Lew, who served as Treasury secretary from 2013 through end of the Obama administration earlier this year, is joining Lindsay Goldberg, a private investment firm, as a partner.
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