In the pipeline: Navigating this multifamily sellers' market

Settle in for a long, slow climb as multifamily housing takes center stage
The multifamily market is in on hold as far new starts go with the exception of an odd permitting blip registered over the course of March, in which permit numbers spiked by 19%. That aside, researchers are predicting a slowdown in new construction starts as the market is full-up on Class-A product, and construction costs don’t allow for them to build Class-B product.
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RBS reaches $4.9 billion settlement with DOJ over pre-crisis mortgage bonds

Proposed settlement would be far less than originally estimated
For the second time this year and at least the seventh time in recent memory, the Royal Bank of Scotland is about to cut a massive check as part of a settlement over the bank’s mortgage practices in the run-up to the housing crisis. Back in March, it was a $500 million settlement with the state of New York. Now, RBS is preparing for a nearly $5 billion settlement with the DOJ that would cover the bank’s issuance and underwriting of mortgage-backed securities between 2005 and 2007.
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Report: Hispanic household wealth continues to climb

But politics threaten long-term commitment
Financial investments are accelerating among the U.S. Hispanic population, but today's current political climate is causing hesitation about long-term financial commitments, according to the Hispanic Wealth Project's 2018 annual report.
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Former Cantor Fitzgerald mortgage bond trader found not guilty of securities fraud

Feds rebuked twice in one week in pursuit of RMBS traders
It has not been a good week in court for the federal government and its pursuit of fraud charges against mortgage bond traders. On Thursday, the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit tossed the fraud conviction of former Jefferies mortgage-backed securities trader Jesse Litvak, marking the second time the government has failed in its five-year pursuit of Litvak. But that wasn’t the only defeat the government took in court on Thursday.
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Jesse Litvak freed: Court overturns mortgage bond trader’s fraud conviction, again

Court of Appeals reverses Litvak’s conviction for second time
The government’s five-year push to see former Jefferies managing director and mortgage-backed securities trader Jesse Litvak jailed for mortgage bond fraud is about to fail again, as the Court of Appeals has again sided with Litvak, overturning a lower court’s conviction and ordering Litvak released from jail.
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The state of the multifamily market in three top 10 lists

New York, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Los Angeles exhibit big-time lending and building activity
The data on Q1 2018 keeps rolling in, and it can be a little overwhelming. Here is a round up of three top 10 lists that sum up what you need to know about the state of the national multifamily market by the numbers.
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