Mortgage software developer Cogent Road added a tool to its Funding Suite credit report management software that provides users with new search and report generating features. The tool, called Client Insight, allows users to pull data from the credit reports of mortgage buyers to create client profiles of typical customers, with additional features to show results based on geographic parameters. A third report feature allows the user to identify potential borrowers that did not complete an application because their credit score was incorrectly calculated. If the potential borrower’s credit score could be improved, the borrower could potentially return to an active origination file, the company said. “We developed Client Insight because there is tremendous value hidden in the aggregated credit reporting data ordered for previous mortgage loan applicants but it is usually unused,” said Cogent Road CEO William DiPaolo. “Every credit report purchased strengthens the client’s market database. Client Insight can improve marketing results, increase the numbers of new customers, help make it easier to reach out to them later and engage them as a repeat customer,” DiPaolo added. Write to Austin Kilgore.