Some were there for the sideshow. Others arrived to voice specific - if perplexing - demands such as "the abolition of all currency." At least one said he was there simply to get his brother back from the war in Iraq. Most, lacking any one direction, felt afflicted enough to at least show up to Occupy Dallas.

When pressed on specific issues such as how to stem the tide of foreclosures, unwind the GSEs or even restart home buying in this country, many stared quizzically at the ground as if some answer would appear there (to be fair, many Congressmen have done the same). After several frustrated shakes of the head, a clearer if not even more frustrating picture appears of the Occupy Wall Street group and their subdivisions:

This "bottom 99%" want to at least be heard in the noise that has become our current economic debate.

Drew Murray (above): "My demand is that the bankers stop the foreclosures and put people back in their homes."

Chaz, through a megaphone, reminded the protesters they were "part of the 99%" and that the Occupy Wall Street cause was not only about financial issues: "It's about social justice issues."

Jeff works as a delivery driver for the Jimmy John's sandwich shop. On why he was wearing a suit: "It's to show that we're not all spoiled brats, who are bored. I have a job. I pay taxes. And I think something is fundamentally wrong with this country."

Small-business owner that depends on government contracts. She arrived at OccupyDallas because she doesn't see enough being done to spur small-business growth.

A Dallas police officer snaps pictures of the protest. Not only peaceful, Occupy Dallas members worked closely with the police to secure permission before marching elsewhere. Said one marcher to a nearby policeman: "You are one budget cut away from joining us."

"My name is Levi. Just Levi."

His father Sterling: "I'm here to make sure he can have a happy and free life. But the system is not set up that way."

A protester listens to a mega-phone speaker. Her expression seems longing yet reassured by the nearly 500 fellow marchers around her.

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