Let Valuation Tech Help Improve Your Collateral Valuation

Join this webinar to learn how technological advancements in valuation provide solutions to help lenders and servicers deliver more comprehensive offerings to their clients.

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Reggora’s appraisal platform provides automatic status updates to all stakeholders to increase transparency

Reggora's platform streamlines the entire appraisal process with advanced automation, major LOS and POS integrations, and customizable workflows

There’s no denying the complexity of the appraisal process. With so many people involved – including the appraisal desk, loan operations, loan officers, underwriters, the IT/product team, borrowers and appraisal vendors – there’s room for error that could negatively impact the home buying experience. 

“Appraisal is one of the most time-consuming and inefficient parts of the lending process,” said Brian Zitin, co-founder of Reggora. “In order to help the mortgage industry reach its mission of the ‘one-day mortgage,’ we’re hyper-focused on streamlining the entire appraisal process.” 

Reggora is driving appraisal innovation with a modern platform for mortgage lenders and appraisal vendors. The platform streamlines the entire appraisal process with advanced automation, major LOS and POS integrations, and customizable workflows. 

Lenders and appraisers using Reggora’s platform benefit from algorithmic appraisal ordering, advanced payment processing, and automation across appraisal review, appraisal delivery, status updates, and more. The technology enhances efficiency, resulting in faster turn times and a better experience for everyone involved. 

Reggora is designed for the future of valuation, which is expected to embrace new synergies between technology, data and human intelligence. This is already taking shape through growth in appraisal waivers and new appraisal flexibilities spurred by COVID-19. Using Reggora’s platform makes it easier for mortgage lenders to process more appraisals and increase their loan capacity. Reggora also helps appraisers themselves spend less time on tedious tasks and more time focused on appraisals.

“The FHFA Request for Input on appraisal indicates that significant changes are likely to hit the industry sooner than many expected, and it will be vital for lenders and appraisers alike to leverage a platform like Reggora’s to shift to new ways of doing business,” Zitin said.  

Reggora’s appraisal platform includes a user-friendly interface, robust and seamless integrations and the ability to streamline workflows and increase appraisal capacity. Reggora also provides automatic status updates to all stakeholders to create transparency and accessibility through its LOS and POS integrations.

“We are excited to help lenders become more strategic about the way they manage their appraisal operations,” stated Will Denslow, co-founder of Reggora. “The future of mortgage will be digital, unlocking new ways to leverage data and analytics to power things such as appraisal vendor selection, risk management and quality assurance. Reggora is excited to be one of the few vendors positioned to help lenders immediately capitalize on this new era of lending.”


Brian Zitin, Co-Founder and CEO

Brian Zitin is responsible for the company’s overall vision and direction, ensuring Reggora stays focused on serving the best interests of the industry and its customers.


Will Denslow, Co-Founder and CTO 

Will Denslow leads all engineering strategies and initiatives, ensuring Reggora delivers innovative, agile, and scalable solutions to its lender customers and appraisal vendors.


Kevin Flynn, Vice President, Product  

Kevin Flynn leads product innovation and development for Reggora and works with a team of people focused on user feedback to ensure the best possible product is delivered to customers.

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