Des Moines, Iowa-based iEmergent, a real estate advisory firm, said Wednesday that it had rolled out a suite of reports designed to enable lenders to better understand their primary markets. The suite, called Market Manager, aims to help lenders and brokers anticipate and forecast mortgage opportunities in key U.S. and local markets. The reports include local market forecasts ranging from 1-5 years and quantify purchase volume projections, mortgage conversion rates and the velocity and density of mortgage growth in specific markets and for multiple market segments. Other reports project a range of refinance and total market volumes for individual markets or forecast purchases within borrower segments in a local housing market. "iEmergent's Market Manager product lines help brokers and lenders transform marketing efforts into a profit-generating investment rather than an expense by clearly identifying where and what types of lending opportunities exist," said Dennis Hedlund, founder and president of iEmergent. The reporting tools available through iEmergent are based on various criteria, including national, state, county or local geographic locations and all types of loan products and borrower segments, such as FHA lending, loan sizes, race, income ranges and gender. For more information, visit