Real estate professionals that visit the RE Technology website will discover a new logo that reflects a more approachable corporate identity with the launch of the company’s new branding.

"The letter ‘t’ in the company name is designed to form the trunk of a tree, representing our deep roots within the real estate industry," CEO Victor Lund said. "The tree reflects our core ideals of knowledge and growth for real estate professionals as well as our own expertise grown through many years of experience."

The company’s website is the last online property to be updated with the new branding. The branding, which includes a new logo, is now consistent across the website and social media profiles. 

Lund added that the company’s core values have stayed the same.

"RE Technology was formed to help advance the careers of real estate professionals and the industry as a whole," he said. "However, just as technology companies must constantly adapt and grow, so must we. We’ve done just this by taking a fresh look at how we're positioning our company and our brand. We are proud to help over 700,000 real estate professionals learn how to grow their business using technology effectively."