ABC is reporting that America's growing discontent toward the economy may work in favor of the Republican party... "...85% of Americans are either angry about the economy or at least dissatisfied with it, according to the survey, produced for ABC and Yahoo! News by Langer Research Associates. That makes economic discontent even higher than anger or dissatisfaction with "the way the federal government is working," at 71% in an ABC News/Washington Post poll last week. What's crucial is not just the net total, but the "anger" number -- 25% of all adults in this survey, with broad political differences. Among registered voters, just 12% of Democrats are angry about the economy. That jumps to 30% of independents, and among Republicans it soars to a remarkable 41% -- an extraordinary number to express so strong an emotion. Among those who are angry about the economy, 54% blame both parties equally. But 35% say they're angrier with the Democrats -- more than triple the number, 10%, who aim their ire at the Republicans..."