With the Canadian real estate market - be it residential, industrial or commercial - showing resiliency in the wake of the recession, property as an asset class is drawing investors with the promise of higher returns on hard assets. After watching their wealth evaporate on the stock market, many investors are drawn to the property market because they want to be able to look at what they just bought, said Queen's University professor John Andrew, who specializes in investment real estate. "Historically real estate has been a haven in times of inflation," he said. "It's also been a place where people feel they have an understanding of what they've just done - they can walk down the street and see their purchase." That said, it can be a risky proposition. If this recession has taught us anything, it's that property values can plummet, and fast. You just can't buy a building and walk away. But if you have the nerve, here are some tips from the professionals on how to make your mark in real estate.