If one industry technology firm has its way, loan officers won't have to tell customers "let me get back into the office and check those rates for you" for very much longer -- instead, they'll be able to access product and pricing information via their mobile phone, in real-time. Nebraska-based Mortech, Inc. said Monday morning that it had launched Marksman Mobile, a hybrid CRM/PPE solution that is the first real-time mobile PPE solution available on the market. The new mobile platform moves Mortech's core PPE Marksman platform to BlackBerries, iPhones or smartphones, enabling users to log into their unique Marksman accounts via a web-enabled device; the mobile app gives lenders and loan officers the ability to access rates, product & pricing information in real-time and immediately respond to business critical data. "The current market has made it increasingly difficult for lenders to close deals," said Don Kracl, president of Mortech, Inc. "With heightened regulations and weary buyers, our customers are looking for ways to increase close ratios and cut costs. This new platform enables our users to keep a close on eye on the market and increase sales via a cell phone." Existing Marksman users will have access to the new mobile platform for no additional charge, Kracl told Housing Wire. The decision to go mobile was one that the company acted quickly on, after its existing correspondent lending customers pushed the tech provider to offer a mobile solution, he said. "We first started planning the release in October and November of last year," he said. "Development began in February." Beyond its PPE capabilities, it's the platform's built-in mobile CRM that Kracl thinks will really help loan officers respond to leads more quickly. The company had already built its own custom CRM and tied it to its PPE platform at the request of customers, he said; many were finding themselves overwhelmed with online leads. "We've seen leads come in at 3 o'clock in the morning," Kracl said. "The whole idea was to enable our customers to efficiently manage and respond to potential consumer clients, quickly." By making the Marksman CRM platform available for mobile access, the company said it expects it can help loan officers respond to incoming leads even more quickly than before. Customers who tested the platform ahead of its launch said that the ability to work while mobile has been a huge advantage. "I was able to get rate and pricing information to one my prospects instantly from my iPhone," said Allen Cravello, president of American Capital Corporation. "Having this type of access outside of the office gives us the needed edge to respond quickly to our leads." For more information, visit http://www.mortech-inc.com.