It was not your typical annual meeting. Before the lights came on in the auditorium of the Cable Center on the University of Denver campus, voices rang out to tune of the Black Eyed Peas hit “I Gotta Feelin,” but with sly references to the mortgage industry and nods to host Universal Lending, which is celebrating its 39th year in business, and held its annual meeting on Tuesday. The lone woman singer of the trio, performed with the stage name “Lotta Change;” Brian Chappelle, the keynote speaker, noted several times that “lotta change” nails exactly what is happening in the mortgage and real estate industries. “Washington thinks the mortgage system is broken,” Chappelle, a partner of Potomac Partners in Washington, D.C., told about 200 people in the audience at one point. And Congress, he said, “Wants its pound of flesh,” from the industry.