Orion Financial announced Tuesday that it will provide streamlined settlement services to investors.

The settlement services offering will provide a one-stop solution for small- to medium-size investors, targeting those who are selling real estate-owned properties, according to Orion.

"Investors often need to do a title search, and subsequently obtain a title policy. They’re working with different companies at different times. By turning these functions over to Orion, investors save themselves time and frustration," said President and CEO Mike Wileman of Orion. 

He added, "They won’t need to work on building their own national database of title and closing providers because we already have access to a national network."  

Essentially, the product is more in depth for investors who are looking to sell their assets.

If the investor decides to sell the assets, Orion will convert the commitment to a title policy and begin to move the loans through closing services.

"By ordering a title commitment on a pool of loans, investors are able to quickly see what liens are against the properties, and they can make a more informed decision on which assets they purchase," Wileman said.

The settlement servicing offering is one of several new solutions Orion will introduce in 2013, Wileman noted.