Risk manager Opus Capital Markets Consultants is expanding its due diligence business to include valuation service offerings. The woman-owned business based in Illinois currently employs 17 licensed appraisers to provide the service, which will be managed by Jeff Rauland, previously of Goldman Sachs. "Appraisals and other valuation products are simply not enough anymore," says Jennifer LaBud, a principal at Opus CMC. "Secondary market participants want to have greater confidence in the true value of the underlying collateral, and they want to ensure they identify any red flags up front." Opus acquired MDMC’s due diligence unit in 2009, and is continuing to expand that service, through greater capacity and more comprehensive consulting services. "Our goal is to create a one-stop shop to cater to all aspects of due diligence, both loan level and operational” says LaBud. To date, Opus International has performed various due diligence consulting projects all over the globe, including post purchase loan level due diligence, and counterparty operational risk assessments. In addition to projects in Spain, Portugal, and Greece, Opus International has served developing markets such as Romania and Poland, according to LaBud. The company also has staff to support projects in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Write to Jacob Gaffney.