Dallas police arrested 20 to 25 members of Occupy Dallas outside a Chase branch downtown Monday after they refused to unlock arms and remove themselves from blocking the front entrance. The protesters were handcuffed and hauled into paddy wagons as dozens of other protesters chanted lines such as "Banks got bailed out! We got sold out!" and "We come in peace! They come in greed!" The protesters began marching to the bank around noon from their camp at City Park Hall in downtown Dallas, asking people along the way to withdraw all of their money from the bank and close their accounts. No word yet if anyone actually did. Soon after, police and the surrounding public began watching from up close and across the street. About an hour later, the arrests came. Members of Occupy Dallas said they were fighting corporate greed and control of the government. Johnathan Batten, one of the protesters, said the Occupy Dallas movement has "grown tremendously" since it began on Oct. 6. "Right now I think we’re raising awareness," Batten said. "We’re trying to get out here in the streets and pull more people into our cause because that's the only way things will change." Earlier this month in Chicago, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said in a speech at the Mortgage Bankers Association’s annual convention that businesses had become "way too timid." "The problem that got us into this mess was the real estate problem, but there is very little going on to solve the real estate problems," Bush said. "Who better to advocate a policy to get us out of this mess? What not defend your positions in the marketplace of ideas? The natural inclination is to cower. I would encourage you to stand up." Write to Justin T. Hilley. Follow him on Twitter @JustinHilley.