Asset management company New Vista Asset Management will expand its four-year relationship with RES.NET by selecting the company’s real estate-owned platform as its system of record.

Previously, New Vista used RES.NET’s REO portal for a portion of its files and clients engagements.

The company chose RES.NET due to the mortgage software provider’s functionality and communication efficiencies, which "are superior to those of other market solutions," according to a statement released by New Vista.

"With the ability to research the market and select a portfolio-wide platform that best suited our needs, we chose the company’s REO portal," said president and chief operating officer Brian Hurley with New Vista.

He added, "The efficiencies gained through RES.NET’s portal and the increased accountability for all parties is something that we now look forward to bringing value to our entire platform."

New Vista’s agents will have easier access to the files needed as well as the ability to close files much faster, reducing the time previously required to complete transactions, the release noted. 

"In the mortgage industry, it has become evident that technology must be used as a tool to remove the burden of compliance while also ensuring all tasks, documents and other activities are managed accurately and in a timely manner," said president and chief operating officer Todd Mobraten of US Real Estate Services and RES.NET. 

Through specialized portals, RES.NET users can each access the same system to optimize communication and streamline processes. The portals deliver a customized, automated work flow and centralized data and documentation to create a continuous audit trail. 

RES.NET provides a variety of portals designed for an array of aspects of the real estate industry and also integrates servicers, brokers, outsources, third-party service providers, homeowners and buyers.