Countrywide Financial Corp. said Wednesday that it had helped more than 80,000 borrowers stay in their homes in 2007, with loan modifications accounting for 69 percent of all home retention efforts. "Countrywide is proud of the progress made toward helping our customers sustain homeownership," said Steve Bailey, senior managing director, loan administration at Countrywide. "Home retention efforts in the second half of the year increased 148 percent compared to the first six months, and we anticipate helping even a greater number of borrowers in 2008." (That might be because an even greater number of borrowers will need help in 2008, but who's counting?) Countrywide reported that December loss mit efforts resulted in just over 10,000 loan modifications and nearly 1,000 repayment plans; the company said that "90 percent of Countrywide's workout efforts involve borrowers retaining their homes." The disclosure represents new ground for Countrywide, as well as the mortgage banking industry; servicers are coming under increasing pressure to disclose their loss mitigation efforts in various states across the U.S., as HW reported on Tuesday.